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Bright gifts are an easy way to add a bit of joy to any day. Gift it to someone who can use a bit of a happiness boost, a friend to make a birthday even more special, or simply to yourself. Bright has something for everyone!

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Bright is a Vietnamese lifestyle magazine that inspires happiness.
Our fifth issue titled "Growing up" is now available - and if you really love it, you’ll be happy to see you can even wear or display parts of it!

Wear Bright

Rainy day? Boring start to the week? Wear Bright! Take out our umbrella to turn even the grayest days into a sunny adventure or wear our tote bags with uplifting quotes and turn that frown upside down!

Bright x Pi Nguyen: “Store Front Memories”

Traditional Vietnamese store fronts are slowly disappearing. And with it the memories. Illustrator Pi Nguyen captures her nostalgic thoughts, and the buildings that carry them.

Bright Happiness Starter Pack

Need a quick happiness update to your everyday basics? Choose the Bright Happiness Starter Pack. For happier notes, sips, calls... and living.

Bright x Foxtly: "Ly Dreams of Food"

When she's not drawing, Vietnamese illustrator Ly dreams.... about food. With Bright, Ly sends you her favorite dishes in the shape of t-shirts, tote bags, postcards and many other beautiful products.

Whether you're a Bún Đậu Believer, or a Phở Fanatic, now it's up to you... what dish will you represent?

LIVE Bright

The spaces you spend your days in should be as Bright as you. Introducing: "Live Bright."

Work Bright 

For anyone with a desk, this collection is for you. No longer will you need to look at the same old, boring objects. Inspire your desk and your working day with the Work Bright essentials.

Send Bright

Visiting Vietnam? Or going on a trip and want to represent your country? Bring the best of Vietnam with you!

Find Bright gifts in the following locations:

Hà Nội

CityOwls, 27 Phan Đình Phùng, Quán Thánh

MODE:ON, 30 Hàng Vôi, Hoàn Kiếm

EnVogue, 8 Lê Duẩn, Ba Đình

Anywhere Design, 22 Ấu Triệu
Anywhere Design, 96 Hàng Trống

Nhà Sách Cá Chép, 115 Phố Nguyễn Thái Học

Hội An

Rosie's cafe, 8/6 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai

Nha Trang

LIVINcollective, 77 Bạch Đằng


The Craft House

Sài Gòn

Bright Design Studio & Showroom, 39 Hai Bà Trưng, District 1

The Craft House, 28 Nguyễn Trãi, District 1
The Craft House, 53A Nguyễn Du, District 1
The Craft House, 63 Xuân Thủy, District 2

Vietcetera Cafe, 290 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, District 3

Kokoïs, 24 Thảo Điền, District 2

Inpages, 4 Lê Văn Miên, District 2

Nhà sách Cá Chép, 211-213 Võ Văn Tần, District 3
Nhà sách Cá Chép, 223 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, District 1

Nhà sách Đông A, đường sách Nguyễn Văn Bình, District 1

Lekima, Tầng 1, 6 Thi Sách, District 1

TẠP decor, 34/1 Trần Khánh Dư, District 1