About bright

Bright thinks that we all want to live happy. And even though sometimes certain obstacles may seem to stand in the way, we believe everyone can. That's why we started our journey of inspiring people to live happier and more meaningful every day. See us as a companion on that journey and get inspired, learn and grow with us!

Bright. For happier living.


Bright stories

Every day is new change to choose happiness. Just spend a few minutes with us and "collect" the joy that's already around us. Our team goes out and finds stories to share on the blog. About inspiring people, projects and places. And if you don't command the Vietnamese language, there's always the sunny images on Facebook and Instagram to enjoy.  


Bright magazine

Every three months, Bright releases a printed magazine with over 150 pages of inspiration for happier living. From dreamy travel features and interviews with people that have left their corporate job and pursued their dreams, to inspiring artists and mucisians and new things to do around Saigon and Hanoi.

Every issue closes out with the life advice from our life coaches, ranging from words of wisdom about healthy living, balancing work and life, and managing stress.  

Sip your coffee or tea and enjoy a bit of me-time with Bright Magazine at over 80 locations across Vietnam, or order yours to enjoy at home.  


Bright school

Bright doesn't want to leave you just feeling inspired. We will be your partner in the next step also, helping you turn dreams into reality. With Bright School, you'll soon be able to learn through books, offline workshop, and online courses.

Coming in the third quarter of 2018!


Bright gifts

To lift your moods on any day, Bright is happy to share Bright Gifts with you. A collection of everyday basics with a positive twist, with our products you can gift someone or even yourself ways to wear, live, work and share Bright. 

Shop our collection online or visit Bright in one of our two stores in Saigon. Bright can also be found at over 20 other lifestyle stores that you'll love spending some time in.


Thank you for spending time with Bright today and motivate us to improve every day. Even though journeys can be daunting, enjoy the process and hopefully always find what you need here.  

with love, the Bright team

P.S. For businesses, do not hesitate to contact Bright if we have a common goal to spread joy! Learn more about our gifts for your colleagues and partners, our branding studio and our editorial services across our online and offline channels. Contact Bright: andrew@bebright.vn (VN, EN)