Positivity 101: Everyday Happiness Training

Positivity 101

The everyday happiness training

Looking for more positivity in your life?

Happier in 3 hours:

✔ Theory

✔ Exercises

✔ Sharing & Fun

Happiness is a journey. So where better to start than with everyday happiness basics to more positive feelings?

In this training course, you’ll get to understand what makes us happy and what doesn’t. Through interactive exercises, you’ll learn new ways to improve your everyday happiness levels. Ending with less anxiety, more positive emotions and a stronger sense of happiness.

Backed by decades of research from the field of Positive Psychology, we now know so much more about happiness than we ever used to. Spending just 3 hours learning and doing gets you ready for a lifetime of happiness – guaranteed. 

So if you just want to understand more about why you haven’t “found you groove”? Or why you are lacking positivity and happiness in your life? Or you just want to start learning better habits for a happier life – we are here for you.

Learn Positivity

Understand the Science

Understand the Science

Hear about the fun and remarkable findings from those who studied happiness for years.
Do the exercises

Do the exercises

Participate in interactive exercises that help link theory with everyday practice.
Have fun!

Have fun!

All of this is done in a very upbeat and light-hearted way, so that you’ll always leave happier than when you came in.

Book your Positivity 101 Training Course

Our workshops take 3 hours and are held in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City on weekdays and weekends. Check our Facebook page for a schedule of our upcoming positivity classes. You can send a message there to book, or email us: hello@bebright.vn.

Bright also offers group trainings and corporate packages, and would be very happy to speak to you about your happiness needs!

A more positive life in just 3 hours

  • Bright School - Design Your Dream Life
    Group discussions: what makes you happy?
  • Bright School - Classes that make Happier Living possible
    Interactive Exercises to train your positivity muscles
  • Positivity Training: Happiness Basics Class
    Corporate training: presenting back to the group
  • Bright - Everyday Happiness Training Course
    Our workbook: Bright’s Happiness Internship book
  • Group discussion: how to defeat negative thoughts?
  • Positivity Training Graduates
  • Learning Happiness
  • Exercising Positivity

Key topics covered

In this training, we will cover the following topics:

  • Cognitive Biases: Why our brain often misleads us
  • Happiness: What makes us happy, and what doesn’t
  • Hedonic Adaptation, and why it affects our happiness
  • Strategies to prevent hedonic adaptation
  • Optimism: What is it and how to make it your own
  • Exercises to become skilled at lifting your happiness levels

Excited to learn and flex your positivity muscles?
Check our Facebook page for all upcoming positivity classes.

“Just throwing yourself into an environment full of positive people, learning open thinking and constantly practicing every day – that’s what this workshop was for me. I learned that everyday positivity is easier than I thought. Highly recommend to others!”


Hà Nguyễn

Positivity 101 Training Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Who facilitates these trainings?

The trainings are led by Bright’s founder Daan van Rossum. He has been researching happiness in Vietnam for years and is hosting these workshops in order to share his learnings, and help you progress on your journey to happiness.

Are the trainings in English?

Our workshops are in English, and if the group composition requires it, are supplemented in Vietnamese by one of Bright’s teaching assistants.

How big are the groups?

All trainings are in groups of 10 people max. For corporate and group bookings, trainings can facilitate up to 50 people.

Will I get a certificate?

You bet! Everyone who completed the training receives a “Happiness Basics” graduation certificate.

I have another questions.

We’d be happy to answer it! Please email us at hello@bebright.vn or reach out on Facebook: facebook.com/bebrightvn

Check all our happiness trainings

Bright happiness trainings in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam take place at our workshops space on the second floor of 42 Tran Cao Van, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. Email or message us if you have any trouble finding the location.