Life Coaching in Saigon, Da Lat, Vietnam

Even when you know your purpose and learning plan, you may not feel like you have the capacity or capabilities to do it on your own. Don’t fear, your life coach is here! Discover Bright’s approach to life coaching and schedule your first session with our life coaches in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Lat, Vietnam.

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✔ Set goals

✔ Make plan

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What is a life coach

Simply said, you life coach is the person that coaches you towards your goals. It’s probably helpful to understand that a life coach is different from a mentor, consultant or therapist.

We’re not here to teach you how to do it based on our experience (mentor or consultant), nor are we here to solve your emotional baggage (therapist or counselor.)

The life coach is simply here to help you understand and set your goals, design a path towards those goals, and coach you through any unavoidable barriers along the way. We use a process of setting new habits, analyzing their effectiveness and take reflection to action.

Bright life coaches

As each coach is it’s own person, it’s best that you find the coach that fits your character and unique challenges. Below are the life coaches that are connected with Bright. However, you’re free to reach out with your specific question via We’d be happy to find the best fit for you, either inside or outside our current roster of coaches.


Daan van Rossum

Life Coach

Daan is Bright’s founder, member of the International Positive Psychology Association, and a certified Life Coach. Having lived on 3 continents, he’s been studying cross-cultural happiness for a number of years. Daan’s speciality is around positivity, understanding your life goals, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Locations: Ho Chi Minh City, Da Lat.


Steven Ngo

Life Coach

Not smiling when you speak to Steven is almost impossible. This public speaker, lawyer, musician, entrepreneur and coach has seemingly endless energy and is always looking to motivate other to find the best in themselves and the world around them.

Steven lives in Vancouver, and coaching session will therefore be online.


Kimble Ngo

Life Coach

Kimble Ngo is a Canada-born, Vietnamese coach and speaker who focuses on the skills and tools “modern warriors” need to excel in the workplace and beyond. His has rich experience with individuals and teams alike.

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Life coaches for group sessions

If you’re looking for someone to facilitate one-time or ongoing group training sessions, please reach out to us. We are also available to run a range of team building and employee engagement trainings.

Life coaching in groups: Bright can facilitate group coaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the life coaches?

Our life coaches are all intimate friends of Bright and have shown to be incredibly impactful on people’s lives and sense of success.

Are sessions in English?

Yes, the sessions will predominantly be in English – although some of our coaches are working hard on their Vietnamese as well!

Are these private sessions?

Yes, all sessions are one-to-one between the coach and you. Because life coaching is really about YOUR life, we deem it much more effective to only focus on you. We do however still over full training programs for groups and teams. Reach out for more information.

How long will the coaching trajectory take?

How long you are coached is completely up to you. We have coached people from one month to continuously ongoing – it really depends on how big your goals are and how much help you need. An introductory session could be very helpful to determine the specific choaching plan. We will always sign a contract with you to clearly define the length of the coaching trajectory, the frequency of the sessions and the expectations both ways.

I want to become a life coach!

Whether you already have achieved your certification and you want to start working or you’re looking to become certified, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at or reach out on Facebook:

I have another questions.

We’d be happy to answer it! Please email us at or reach out on Facebook: