Life can feel like a trap. You work hard, spend your few free hours catching up with friends or taking care of your family. And so it may feel like there isn’t really time or space for doing something new. For taking some time to do something for yourself. But there are some really good reason you should anyway! Learn more about why we should always make time for learning something new, and what the best workshops in Ho Chi Minh City are to explore.

The benefits of doing something new

The routines that take over our lives are sneaky, because we often don’t realize we’re getting stuck in them. It takes you resting for a moment, being mindful of what you’re doing and why, to understand why and how you need to snap out of them.

Even though we live in a place with millions of people, with so many exciting opportunities around us – we tend to stick to what we know. You could simply walk onto the street anywhere in Saigon and speak to someone, anyone, and learn something new. Pick up something interesting. But we don’t.

And that’s a shame, because the benefits are clear and abundant!

1. Overcome Fear

In a recent interview with a startup founder, we learned that part of what made her start her own company was overcoming fear. Trying something new, where even in a small way, you know can’t just “autopilot” it, forces you to overcome your fears. Do it long enough, and you’ll become very resilient.

2. Get to Know Yourself Better

Understanding more about yourself can come in unexpected ways. It may that while you’re making a candle, all of a sudden you have a realization. About your current life, or about the life you want to live. This is a key reason why we need to snap out of our routines, and try something new.

3. Stimulate Creativity

Creativity as one of the character strengths is defined as “thinking of new ways to do things.” Being creative allows you to constantly look at everything you do in life, and finding alternative approaches. Doing something new allows you to stimulate your creativity – allowing you to find those new approaches easier.

Workshops in Ho Chi Minh City

So today, we chose to put together a list of workshops in Ho Chi Minh City that make it easy for you to learn something new, expand your horizons, and even meet some like-minded new friends! Ranging from pottery to cosmetics and from painting to crafts, this will certainly be fun!

1. Hey Camel! Pottery Classes

Hey Camel’s Leandro Marcelino – one of our favorite workshops in Ho Chi Minh City

Hey Camel! is the pottery studio by Leandro and Anthony who have created a beautiful space in a small street in District 3. It’s here, where the sun seeps into a small and intimate workshop. Clay, a pottery wheel, and a room full of smiling faces and ceramics is all you need to escape your everyday life and try something new.

Hailing from Spain, Leandro found Vietnam an unlikely but perfect fit for a ceramics studio. Its ancient culture of pottery making, dating back thousands of years inspired him to not only create ceramics for himself, but also to open a workshop to teach others. Anyone who’s been part of this workshop comes back with rave reviews, and so we highly recommend taking a morning or afternoon out of your schedule to go and be a pottery artist!

Recommend for: those who want to do something with their hands, make something beautiful, and maybe get a few good Instagrams in the process.

Hey Camel! Ceramics and Pottery Workshop
116/19A Tran Quoc Toan, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Book your class online:

2. Poulo Condor Lipstick Workshop

Make your own organic lipstick at Poulo Condor in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Poulo Condor organic cosmetics started almost by happenstance. Since, it has since established itself as an open environment where both inner and outer beauty have a place. In its Ngo Duc Ke Street location, which made our writer speechless upon visiting, weekly creative sessions are organized.

Here, women come together and learn how to make their very own lipstick – up to their own unique color. Moreover, it’s a time to talk, connect and share both during the tea session before, and the breaks during and after the workshop.

One of our favorite workshops in Ho Chi Minh City, the process of making a lipstick is as meticulous as it is fascinating. The warm environment and the conversations that take place, are more than just a bonus.

Recommended for: women who want to create something delicate while learning more about themselves.

Poulo Condor Lipstick Workshops
40E Ngo Duc Ke, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Book your workshop online:

Mixing your own personal color

3. Grain Cooking Class

If you’re curious about the Vietnamese cuisine, Grain is great place to start. Founded by celebrity chef Luke Nguyen, this cooking class is quite extraordinary. The big cooking studio is located in central District 1 above Xu Bar on Hai Ba Trung.

Visiting is like being transported into a Vietnamese market where you shop for your ingredients, after which you get to make your dishes. Maybe it was the wine pairing, but it really felt like a little getaway from everyday life to us. The instructor is funny and the mood is upbeat, and the food is of course, perfect (since you are the chef!)

Recommended for: anyone curious about Vietnamese cuisine, cooking lovers who are looking for workshops in Ho Chi Minh City.

Grain Cooking Studio
71-75 Hai Ba Trung, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
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“Shopping” for you meal’s ingredients

4. Craft Workshops at The Craft House

Modern Calligraphy Workshop

The Craft House has a number of stores across Saigon, and its Nguyen Du location also functions as a great place for workshops in Ho Chi Minh City. This is not just about one craft – there’s a whole range of workshops you can take here.

Just like the products sold here, all workshops are from local crafts people. Often cool and young ones, who are truly passionate about what they do.Workshops include DIY pottery, making your own scented candles, making your own leather wallet, and even making your own sweets!

Recommend for: young people who want to get crafty!

The Craft House – Flagship Store
53A Nguyen Du, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Find their latest workshops:

5. Bright Happiness Workshops

Bright Happiness Trainings
Bright Happiness Trainings

Of course, we’d love to welcome you to one of our own workshops as well. Rather than focusing on your hands, these workshops tap into your brain. Blending principles of Positive Psychology and Life Coaching, we help you live happier everyday.

Our happiness trainings include:

We host these workshops in our very bright and uplifting District 3 space. In an authentic building on Tran Cao Van, we have carved out a little space filled with sunlight and positivity. Read the many great reviews on Tripadvisor, and book your workshop via our Facebook page.

Bright Happiness Trainings
42 Tran Cao Van, floor 2, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Book online:

Find Meaning - The Purpose Workshop
Find your character strenghts

Try one of these workshops in Ho Chi Minh City, or suggest your own

So no matter which one of these workshops you take, you’ll learn and grow. And regardless of how busy you are right now, try and imagine the potential benefits of learning something new!

There are many workshops in Ho Chi Minh City, so if there’s something we missed out on that we should feature here – let us know!


Author Daan van Rossum Daan is Bright’s founder and a certified Life Coach. Having lived on 3 continents, he’s been studying cross-cultural happiness for a number of years. Daan’s speciality is around positivity, understanding your life goals, entrepreneurship and creativity. Daan lives between Da Lat and Saigon, but his heart is always in the mountains. Besides his Bright jobs and his work as a freelance brand strategist, his most important job is that of husband to his wife My.

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