In the interview series “Inspiration,” Bright profiles young Vietnamese entrepreneurs, creatives and others who have chosen to pursue their passion and through that, share positivity and happiness to others. This is such a story.

The first feeling when I enter the showroom of Poulo Condor, was that of entering an overwhelmingly poetic and serene scene. The light beaming through the window and onto the corner of a gentle desk, the deep melodic music that sets the mood for those working. So absorbed was I in this moment, that it almost made it difficult for me to utter a proper “hello.”

This place is like an art display space with a minimalist style and warm tones full of inspiration. It seems that the concept of beauty is hidden in every little detail in this room. But this is not just a place to share the stories of women and their beauty. This is also where Hoan Ta and Huyen My Nguyen, the two founders of the brand Poulo Condor, share their own lifestyle vision.

From a birthday gift to developing an organic cosmetics brand for women

I believe true sincerity carries value beyond what we can see with the naked eye and can be felt just as deeply. And that’s something that reverberates through these founders.

The origins story for this company comes from Huyen My’s birthday back in in 2015. It was at this moment that Hoan decided that she wanted to give something more meaningful than anything store-bought. And so she set out to make a lip balm, made by her very own hands. Carrying an endless passion for natural products, Hoan first studied the best materials available. Combined with the skills she learned in making perfumes, she creates the gift that later sparks the idea to turn this into a business.

And so now, 3 years later, the two are co-founders of organic cosmetics brand Poulo Condor. It’s clear in everything they create, that all is driven by a shared vision for beauty and a passion for purity.

Poulo Condor Lipstick founders Huyen My and Hoan Ta
Huyen My (l) and Hoan Ta (r) from Poulo Condor Lipsticks in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Making a product is not difficult, but educating customers can be

The journey of realizing dreams is long and often strenuous. From the research stage to the that moment an idea becomes reality, the road can be paved with difficulties. Creating a line of conventional cosmetics is a process that requires a lot of patience, skill and passion.

But the fact that all of Poulo Condor’s products are purely natural and organic, add another layer of complexity. There’s a strict selection process for the raw materials. Then, each stage of creating the products is done manually, with meticulous measurements throughout. Quality is something that the founders never want to compromise on. And so, every effort is put in to create the best for their customers.

This quality is exactly why Hoan and Huyen My are always trying to find new ways to help change the consumer’s mental concept of organic products and its value. In Vietnam, where consumers only in recent years have gotten more affluent, the big international brands and their “mass-manufactured luxury” products still attract the biggest spending.

Beyond the research and production, education around pure, true and quality products is therefore a key third task for the duo. Much time is spent on helping Vietnamese consumers understand better habits of inner and outer beauty.

Uniquely colored lipsticks as the “weapon of choice”

Poulo Condor produces a full range of skin care products. Still, the products that represents the brand best are their lipsticks – the top weapon of choice for many women. The materials for these organic lipsticks come from natural minerals, oils and waxes. When Huyen My walks me through the process of making a lipstick, she shows me a whole range of small jars. Inside are olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, soy wax , butter shea, cocoa butter, vitamin E and more.

Poulo Condor Lipstick ingredients: natural organic oils, waxes and minerals - and colors
Poulo Condor Lipstick production in a small beautiful workshop in Saigon, Vietnam

The colors brought into the product are derived from all kinds of natural minerals, often imported from the United States. As each lipstick is handmade, the color can be mixed up to a very particular shade. All depending on the customer’s wants and needs.

This artistic approach to color, and what fits each person, explains why Huyen My’s title in the company is “Creative Director.” Beyond individual shades, she produces a range of new colors every few months that follow the seasons, lifestyle trends, and most importantly, her own feelings.

Making a Poulo Condor Lipstick: very precise measurements
Poulo Condor Lipsticks - the end results

Poulo Condor: a business of positive feelings

Huyen My not only shares her secrets of looking fresh and radiant, but also the secret to a life full of freedom, happiness and beauty with us. In her mind, beauty is not only visible to the naked eye. It just as much comes from the inner soul. It’s nourished by true, personal values – the simplest things in life.

“Love the work you do. Be honest with yourself. And surround yourself with people that have a lovely, positive energy.”

Huyen My Nguyen, Creative Director at Poulo Condor Lipsticks

It’s this idea that permeates throughout my entire two-plus hour visit to Hoan and Huyen My’s serene workshop. The idea that while the road may not always be easy, it’s about understanding where you want to go. Do remove the barriers you encounter, but keep the focus on that what brings you joy.

Laugh, retain your inner energy, and be at peace with yourself. That, is what others will feel in what they get from you.

Poulo Condor
Room 503, 40E Ngô Đức Kế, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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