Do you know the inside of every adult is an “Inner Child“? This child always shows your deepest psychological needs, always with you, is an integral part of you, a place to keep your best memories as well as your sorrows. Bringing it out through inner child meditation.

Divine child, wonder child, and true self

Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology, calls it “Divine Child” and Philosopher Emmet Fox called it “Wonder Child.” Psychotherapists Alice Miller and Donald Winnicott refer to it as true self.

Whatever you call it, you will realize that you have a responsibility to nurture this child in yourself. Because it will help you to return to your truest nature in an environment that suits your people and values.

Or it will make you contradictory, uncomfortable, struggling when you choose to do / have to do things that are not right with people and their values.

When you struggle, connect to your inner child

When we look at a mature adult who is confused, struggling with work and life to achieve their goals. We can somewhere see the inner child in them being abandoned, lost.

On the other hand, we can also see adults losing themselves in their words. We can see them acting up. Their inner child becomes rebellious, no longer obedient, not cute anymore.

He wants to scream to be noticed, to fill the sadness, because of an injury that does not heal. As the inner child has no purpose, it can cause extremely annoying expressions for its adults.

Inner child meditation

How can you nurture your inner child in a healthy way? According to Dr. Kristin Nelf, Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas, author of “Self Compassion”, we can practice firstly to love ourselves. There are 3 essential elements in this practice:

1. Self-kindness
2. Common humanity (anyone likes anyone)
3. Mindfulness (with awareness)

First, learn to see your own mistakes and shortcomings with kindness and understanding. This is very different from judging and criticizing yourself when you fail.

Inner Child Meditation. Photo: @nguyenn.anhtuan
Inner Child Meditation. Photo: @nguyenn.anhtuan

Deficiencies are an integral part of our growth as a human being. No one is born perfect, no one can do everything. Prevent isolating yourself, comparing yourself with others, making yourself smaller. The more valuable you are, the more you learn to accept yourself with an open, progressive attitude, the more you can continue to improve yourself each day.

Instead of equating our values ​​with our shortcomings, we learn to look at problems with awareness, without adding, without judgment, without deduction. From this awakening, we can love and care for ourselves better We can empathize and support ourselves better, become our true friend, not our enemies.

When you truly love yourself, you are nurturing the source of love to be ready to give to others. Hopefully, this inner child meditation will help you connect more deeply with your inner child. And the practices that will travel with you.

Coach Lương Ngọc Tiên

Author Coach Lương Ngọc Tiên Coach Luong Ngoc Tien is an expert in the field of meditation application for self-development and building corporate culture. She is the founder of One Life Connection Consulting & Training Company and Meditation In Saigon community.