It’s rainy season in Saigon… July rains suddenly came and went. Sometimes it’s small rain, enough to cool the road. But sometimes, it’s big showers, making roads congested. And inevitably, your mood changes with the weather. Coach Luong Ngoc Tien shares her tips for a rainy day Mindfulness Meditation.

Sometimes rain makes things that are harsh and uncomfortable in you cool down. But many times, the rain brings so much grief. It obstructs what you are doing, evoking pessimistic, ambiguous emotions in you.

Remembering rain as a child

These feelings are different from your own. Do you remember when you were young, when the rain meant you didn’t have to go to school? Wasn’t that the day you were happy like during the Tet holiday? Rain is the fastest way for a child to return to nature, to touch life with all their senses and to be entertained by its innocence.

Growing up, we rarely allow ourselves to enjoy the rain like that. Life goes on hustling, hurried, and you go on getting caught up in what you have to do. So every time heavy rain sets in, with the sky dark and gray, your problems seem that much heavier, too.

The world outside and in yourself

Have you ever heard that the outside world is also an expression of the world within you? That the storm outside was just an excuse, and the storm inside you was always there, just waiting for the right condition to reveal itself?

In other words, your emotions, being uncomfortable, angry, or vague, pessimistic are always there. Instead of consciously converting them, you let yourself be led by these emotions. Just wait when you get stuck in the rain outside, they will loudly pull you to bother you.

Mindfulness Meditation For a Rainy Day

Begin to change this with a simple habit, a technique of mindfulness meditation. It’s quite fittingly known as the RAIN technique by psychiatrist and meditation expert Tara Brach, who wrote the book “True Refuge: Finding Peace & Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart”.

Mindfulness meditation on a rainy day
Mindfulness meditation on a rainy day

R: Recognize what’s going on: Both outside and inside, where I am, what do I see, what do I hear, what emotions are present in my heart…

A: Allow emotions to happen naturally: don’t try to suppress, dismiss, think “I must not think like that, don’t feel that way.” Just simply feel the emotions.

I: Investigate with kindness (for me and those involved): how to trigger or feel with kindness?

N: Natural awareness. Do not judge or identify yourself with that situation. How?

Mindfulness meditation, no matter what the weather

When you can stop to recognize and identify the emotions that are present, you will find that you are no longer led by those emotions. You will be alert enough to choose a positive emotion and act optimally for that situation.

So no matter how big the rain and wind are, I hope you will stay awake and peaceful!

Coach Lương Ngọc Tiên

Author Coach Lương Ngọc Tiên Coach Luong Ngoc Tien is an expert in the field of meditation application for self-development and building corporate culture. She is the founder of One Life Connection Consulting & Training Company and Meditation In Saigon community.